Fundraising For The Farm

This is a list of the items & materials we will be purchasing to start the farm. If you would like to contribute towards the purchase of any of these items, please follow the instructions below. We will be inscribing donor names into each item as a constant and enduring reminder of the community support that is making this dream a reality!

  1. Click any SUPPORT THE FARM link
  2. Put in any amount you would to donate
  3. Choose where you'd like to designate it's use in the dropdown menu
  4. If you would like the inscription to be a family name or "In Memory Of" a loved one, write us a comment
  5. Fill out your payment info and click Donate

Raised Beds

12 x $200

Support the farm

Silage Tarps

2 x $250

Support the farm



Support the farm

Stirrup Hoe


Support the farm

Collinear Hoe


Support the farm

Bed Preparation Rake


Support the farm

Flame Weeder


Support the farm

Push Seeder


Support the farm